Majors Gord & Connie Armstrong

Majors Gordon & Connie Armstrong


The Salvation Army Owen Sound Community Church

So if you don't mind the mess, come on in. There is a place here for you and you are welcome here.

Thank you for dropping by to

visit our church web site, which

seems to be a pretty good

metaphor for life in general.

No matter what, the work is

never really finished, nor

are things always the way

you want them to be.

Life is really a work in progress,

isn't it?

Our church is also a work in

progress, as we seek to discover

The Salvation Army shield
The Salvation Army shield

The Salvation Army

 Owen Sound Community Church


what it means to have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and to live that relationship in a genuine and practical way on a daily basis.  Just as life is constantly changing, so our church is constantly "under construction". We don't have it all together, nor do we have all the answers, but we do know Who does.